About Nicholas Jackson

I tell stories and chase art.

Hello, I am Nicholas Jackson, a Minnesota-based and illustrator. I enjoy creating fantastical stories,where each piece is a new adventure. Rely on me to bring your ideas and imagination to life. My goal is to draw the viewer into a world of possibility and wonder and to communicate on a visual level what words alone cannot accomplish. Formal training has prepared me to take on any design task, but my work communicates more clearly than a resume. If you think my illustrations would capture the attention and imagination of your audience, contact me to discuss your project.


When I am not drawing or painting I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and family. Music has always been a joy to me and I currently play at church and the occasional open mic. One of my favorite things is having a house filled with company. We are avid tea drinkers here, so the next time you are in the neighborhood please do stop in for a spot of tea.

Nicholas quickly established himself as one of SNAP!'s favorite and go-to illustrators. He's got a great style and knows how to translate your ideas to a high quality final product.

Gary Rogers - Grant Writer, Educator, Trainer

Nicholas is a brilliantly gifted designer and a fantastic person to boot. I have seen several examples of his work as provided to local businesses and they are peerless in their quality and craftsmanship. Beyond this Nicholas is a delight to know and work with, and should be considered a vast creative industry resource.

Jeremiah Liend

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