A Little Lair

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Here is a blast from the past! In 2011 I had the opportunity to illustrate a fantastic little book about elves, gnomes, and fairies called A Little Lair. The project was extremely influential to my still young illustration career. This was the first children’s book I created for a self publisher. It had its own set of challenges, but the rewards were amazing. The project took time to finally launch, but has now been around for about a year. My drawing desk always has a project on it, and it is sometimes difficult to keep this blog updated with my latest work. Just glancing through these illustrations, it is amazing to see how much I have grown as an artist just in a few years.

Head over to the Little Lair website to pick up your own copy.

Little_Lair_pg9 Little_Lair_pg20 Little_Lair_pg29_background Little_Lair_pg15 Little_Lair_pg13 Little_Lair_pg10-11 Little_Lair_Cover_ Little_Lair_pg24-25 Little_Lair_pg6-7


Here are a few shots of the book and its packaging. (Courtesy of alittlelair.com)





These types of sketches is usually how a project begins.

LL_page_8 LL_page_13 LL_page_10-11

The book is currently only available on the A Little Lair website, so go and check it out.


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