The Winter Reading Adventure

By May 3, 2013May 5th, 2013News, Projects

This winter I wanted to do something a little different for the typical Collaborating For Success cover. Instead of a dramatic outside scene, I decided to paint a “warm curl up with a book, and drink hot cocoa” illustration.

I am still trying out the new paper (Strathmore Bristol Vellum 500 Series) and I am really enjoying it.  The style has shifted slightly here from bold/dark line work to more of a value based painting. The other main change here is the use of Colored Pencil to layout the drawing rather than graphite. I enjoy not having the gray graphite, which makes everything look rather dead.

This painting was an adventure in learning. I think I learned more from this painting than I have in quite some time.

Final Painting: Digital/Watercolor

Color Comp


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