Paul Bunyan and Leaf Mountain

By February 27, 2012News

This Paul Bunyan piece which I entitled “Paul Bunyan and Leaf Mountain” was probably one of the most enjoyable illustrations I have created recently. I toyed around with the idea that the children would be playing with Paul.  What better fall activity than to jump into a Paul Bunyan sized pile of leaves. The idea came to life that instead of chopping down trees like crazy, Paul raked a ginormous pile of leave for the children.  I think the spiral stair case is the best way to run of a tree. Keep your eye out for his piece to grace the cover of the next issue of Collaboration For Success.

Color Comp. This color comp served as my guide for the painting process.  Perhaps it is lack of color understanding, but if I don’t have a color comp as I guide, it may look as though a bear got a hold of my painting.

Drawing in progress.

Painting in progress, doing my best to follow my color guide.



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  • WOW. It always blows my mind (when I haven’t been to your blog for a while) catching up with all the cool projects you’ve been doing. Amazing work as always!!! Congratulations on the book publishing, too 🙂

    P.S. I love the idea behind this piece!

  • nicholas says:

    Thanks Sir! I had a great time creating it.
    Cheers to illustration!

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