Happy Christmas Cards: Making Toys Part 1

By December 5, 2011News

A big to-do item for this winter has been to complete a Christmas Card series.  Now, with my current project load the task has not been that easy.  These illustrations have been a great “after work” project to relax and enjoy the evening.  For some reason, elves are just super funny to me. The idea of the working on toys, building snowmen, and even baking cookies is wonderful silliness. Therefore, I had to take a crack at my version elves Christmas time activities.

Honestly, I think my love of elves probably stemmed from watching the stop motion version of Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer during the Christmas Season. Their silly little hats and quick motion made me fall in love immediately. In fact, I think I need to make my own version of that wonderful dentist.

Here is my drawing of the elves making toys.  Once again, I had in mind the Christmas Card Series in regards to the format and lack of background.

This piece came together is a slightly different way than my usual technique.  Rather then initial thumbnails, I combined various sketches of elves making toys. I scanned my favorite ideas, and made composition in Photoshop.

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