Peter Pan: Part 3

By October 22, 2011News

From my early childhood Peter Pan has been my favorite. The idea of flying inspirational, perhaps even to painting. (That is another blog post, for another time.) Every time I get in a pool, the sensation of flying overtakes me and I imagine flight as the water passes between my finger. Back in February of this year, I started on a Peter Pan piece.  Here is part 1, and part 2. The spring and summer brought 3 big projects that have kept me very busy. ( I can’t wait to show you what I have worked on.)  Due to these projects, Peter Pan sat quietly waiting to be finished. It is funny coming back to a piece so many months later. Not only am I a completely different artist, but I also found a new fondness of the piece.

Here we move onto the watercolor and digital phase. I have tested out different types of spray fixatives to try to keep my line work while I paint. Unfortunately, spray fix also can prevent watercolor from interacting with the paper correctly.  Thus, the watercolor phase of this piece didn’t go nearly as planned.  Fortunately, I have found a much better way of preserving my pencils that requires no fixative, thanks to Peter De Seve. That, however, is another blog post all together.

The digital phase of this piece was the most epic of all.  I went back and forth, trying to choose a color palette.  After returning to the painting after a few months of letting it sit, I believe it is time to show you how far the piece has come.  I’m quite pleased with it, and I hope there will be more Peter Pan paintings in the future.

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