A Color Revisit – Rapunzel

By September 25, 2011News

The other day I had some more prints made for the Yellow Umbrella and I realized that I don’t care too much for the coloring of my Rapunzel Piece. Therefore, I decided that I needed to revisit the color. Fortunately, Photoshop came to the rescue and short brawl with multiply, color, and soft color layer settings, I came out with the following piece. Then I climbed a tower.


I’m not altogether sure that I should revisit work like I did with Rapunzel. Perhaps I was naughty, and I should only focus on the future, and moving forward with new work. It was an easy change, and I think it now shows my vision much more clearly.  Probably the biggest reason I decided to change this, is my rent focus on color. My abilities in color leave me feeling that a child scrawling all over my work while wearing a chicken on his head. Time and time again I have to change things digitally because my colors simply look awful. Thus, it is time to really study color. This notion sends me trembling under my desk huddled in the fetal position. The last time I did this was while working at LearningChange because a client repeatedly asked for dreadful drop shadows everywhere.

So cheers to color.  Flann, the animated GIF is for you.


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