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By August 26, 2011December 31st, 2011Snap Learning

I have had the opportunity to work with SNAP! Learning, an educational and tutoring company out of California, for a couple months now.  The art director, Justin, is great guy to work with and I have enjoyed the various projects he has given me.  With Justin, each new project is a surprise and I never now what it is I will be working on next.  Justin was kind enough to give me permission to share these  instructional booklets illustrations created children of all ages.

One of my favorite pieces to work on with SNAP! Learning to date is one about Abe Lincoln. Abe is simply a crazy looking gentlemen, and he was splendid to draw. As with all illustration we are story telling here.  The images range from stories to vocabulary words.  The main purpose of the booklet is a general  introduction to Abe Lincoln.

Enjoy. More SNAP! Learning to come soon…


The Gettysburg Address





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