Lot 6 Art Fair

By June 13, 2011June 30th, 2011News

Christina and I decided to make the leap into art fairs this summer by kicking it off at the Lot 6 Art Fair. It was a fantastic event that brought out all kinds of people looking for their next artistic addition to their collections.  I sold my prints while Christina showcased her essential oils line as well as her aprons and shoulder bags. Showcasing at a local art fair was a great experience.  I can see how people enjoy the atmosphere and comradery, while we sit back and just hope that people buy our art.  While sitting and enjoying the afternoon I often thought about how much selling I really should be doing.  Should I be the artist, the salesperson, or both today. One thing that I did come back with is that I need to work on my sales pitch. I tend to come off with the attitude “It would be great if you bought this,”  rather than actively persuading a potential customer to make a purchase. With that being said, it was a fantastic day in spite of the sunburn.

The event was covered by the local news station and you can click over to check out the newscast.

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