LeTexier Family Portrait: Part 3

The LeTexier family portrait is finally here.  I had such a fantastic time with this piece.  I feel like I had a good vision from the beginning, as was able to execute it while staying true to the concept in my head. The sky was probably the craziest part of this piece, because it  was off the beaten path of clean watercolor for me.  Contrary to popular belief, watercolor can certainly be controlled.  However, with the sky I just let the water do it’s magic.  Thus, I believe it created great results that contrast the cleaner watercolor approach in the rest of the piece. Hurray for intentional blooms. Blooms are what happens in watercolor when too much water is used. These spots or blooms can be rather troublesome if not wanted. In a situation like this, I welcomed them as they gave the piece a rather different feel.

These family portraits are a real treat for me to create. If you are interested in having your family, or a family you know, be put in an adventure, please contact me.


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