Stronger Theme – Deeper Life Bible Camp: Part 1

By February 2, 2011DLBC, Projects

“And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? From within.” – Eric Liddell


Production has begun on this year’s theme for Deeper Life Bible Camp. I have been developing the visual side of camp for a few years now, and I have had the privileged of interrupting, and sometimes coming up with the themes.

This years theme is Stronger, which as first I was rather blown away by the possibilities.  Lon and I brainstormed some ideas and here are just a few references that he mostly came up with.

  • Hebrews 13:9
  • Phil 4:13 – I can do all things through him who gives me strength
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • Pslam 46:1-3 – God is our Refuge
  • 2 Kings 6 – Elijah surrounded by army…servant open eyes.
  • 1 Cor 16:13 – Man Up

The main idea here is that the Lord is our strength.  We may seem and even feel weak at times, but he is our strength from within. The guy is obviously not your body builder, but he feels like his is.  This is just the initial stage of creation, as I put my idea first to paper, then onto the computer.

Next post will be of color and more progress.

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