Nicholas Jackson’s New Website Unveiled

By January 17, 2011News

I’m very excited to unveil the new design to my website.  It has been months in the making because my old website was in dire need of a face lift.  The main reason for this was, from a marketing stand point, I needed something that would bring the most important information directly in front of my viewers.  Thus, the biggest change is the main landing page which consists of my portfolio, a brief summary of who I am and what I do, and a contact field.  Those are the most important aspects of a creative’s website like this.

Holy Ginormous Thumbnails Batman!

Yes, that is right, ginormous thumbnails.  I wanted to give my work a lot of real estate to mildly overwhelm the viewer with color and design.  Some things are just better when they are huge. I have also limited my portfolio to only show the best of the best of the best.  Gone are the days of 20 images per section.

Quick Contact and Navigation

Users should be able to easily traverse the website and contact information should never be too far off either.


Believe it or not, I finally update this website.  It has been a long road but I’m excited for the journey ahead with a fresh new brand.

Hurray for illustration!

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