Scissorhands 20th

By December 28, 2010News

Hey friends, I recently had the opportunity to work on a fun piece in honor of the movie, Edward Scissorhands.  My friend Sebastien Mesnard, started a blog called Scissorhands 20th, in honor of Edward Scissorhands being released 20 years ago.  Sebastien is a great guy as well as an astounding illustrator.  He inspires me.  Speaking of inspiration, Edward Scissorhands has inspiredhis artistic journey.  Since I saw he was putting on the project I jumped at the chance to join in with him.  He recently honored me by putting my painting on the blog.  I totally forgot to name my painting, so luckily Sebastien and his witty humor, named it E-Rex for me. Make sure to go check out all the great work over at Scissorhands 20th. One of the great things I have enjoyed about watching this project grow is the vast array of styles.  We have seen everything from pen and watercolor to whimsical vector.  I can’t wait to see more artists from around the world contribute to this project.

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