Lake Agassiz Wild Rice Project

By October 9, 2010Projects

Lake Agassiz Wild Rice have been quite the adventure. I have the privilege of branding this wild rice company, and thus far we have a logo, packaging, and a website.

I want to first showcase some of the final work.

Here is a screenshot of the Lake Agassiz website.

Package Design


The first order of branding was to establish a logo.  This would setup the look and feel for the company from here on out.  Organic and natural was the order of the day here..

Here is the finalized logo.

Here are two examples of what the sketches look like for logos.  I try to key in on an idea, yet make sure that I have different examples across the board.

As you can see here, we are really trying to get to the core of what Lake Agassiz is all about.  And that my friends, is simply wild rice.  This is a home grown business and we want to convey the simplicity of that, yet not sacrifice professionalism.

I learned quite a bit on this project, especially about color and keeping a log simple.

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