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By June 30, 2010February 2nd, 2011DLBC, Projects

Camp time again friends!  Here are the camp shirt designs for this year.  The last couple years of camp we have been trying to do more with our apparel.  At one time there was only one option for camp shirts.  Not only are there 3 options today, but the ladies even have their own cut of shirt and graphics. Head over to dlbconline.com if you are interested in purchasing one.

Gnomes are so silly.  I can’t look at one and not laugh. This year I thought it would be fun to talk about how the real world in rather a light hearted manner.  With so many things in our lives we pretend we live in other worlds. This can happen by spending too much time with entertainment.  Although I love fantasy and all that goes with it, the reality of our existence is that we need to live for God.  So get your heads out of the clouds. Stop watching so much TV.

What little girl doesn’t like unicorns.  Here is an example of using something fun like a unicorn, and have a downright fantastic teachable moment.

This year’s theme and logo were put on a tshirt and sweatshirt…hurray for zip hoodies!

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