A Gnome Works At Our Pub

By April 29, 2010Sketches

A Gnome works at our Pub. Yes, it is true.  Just last night, as I was patiently waiting for my tea, I happen to hear a rather strange noise behind me.  I turn to see a rather stout looking fellow, who was in fact a gnome.  This of course gave me quite the fright as in the course of this natural world, I am not accustomed to such a fantastical meeting.  The second strange aspect of this meeting was due to the rather rude manner in which the gnome grunted and slammed down the delivered drink on the table.  Before, I could say a word the gnome vanished back to his duties behind the bar.  As odd as his behavior may have come across our bartender Hans, claims his behavior is quite normal.  I urge each of my readers to be on the look out at Brigid’s Cross, for our not so friendly gnome bartender.  Keep in mind that he may indeed be a rather intriguing acquaintance, but may not present the best manners.  What a rather unusual night at the pub. Luckily, Hans was there to bring me my tea.

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