Cheese Please

By June 8, 2009Projects

cheese-please final

Cheese Please has been a fantastic learning project.  I am developing a new process, that includes both digital and tradition medium.  I started with a digital sketch, after looking at elephants for a bit.  Elephants are fascinating creatures, and are a joy to draw.  I just love their big round shape! The reason this project is such a big deal is because all the texture is from the watercolor.  Watercolor and the paper create amazing natural texture and need no supplementary texture, a process that I have been experimenting with.

The Process

  1. Digital sketching from photo references
  2. Pencil sketching for final composition and last minute changes
  3. Final drawing on watercolor paper
  4. Scan line drawing into Photoshop
  5. Tradition watercolor over line drawing
  6. Scan water color into Photoshop
  7. Line drawing is place over watercolor for line coloring and to help the line stand out
  8. Color correction and digital painting over the watercolor





Final Line Drawing


Initial digital sketch

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