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By March 9, 2009Sketches


I have always loved Disney.  I am convinced they produce some of the best art of our time.  Their influential animations have paved the way unpresidented projects produced by the likes of Dreamworks and Pixar.  I felt like drawing some of the characters, most likely more to come!

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  • Jackie Paper says:

    Nice work! I love the pencil on paper,………..or is it digital pencil on digital paper?? Either case, it’s pretty sweet.

  • nicholas says:

    Thanks bud. Believe it or not this is actually real pencil on real paper.

  • You have alot of talent and an amazing passion for art. Dont ever give that up.
    I am a disney fan too and these sketches show that when done right cartooning can be
    amazing. I love all your art work, but the disney characters are my favorite!

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